5 Steps to Board Success

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2. Buy-In or Commitment from Directors

Start cutting out pictures and determine which ones are your top priorities. Determine the number 1 thing that your heart desires and place it right on the center of your board. Surround this image with the rest of the pictures of your goals Go Here to Download Goal Setting Worksheet and reach your goals. Organize the images in such a way that you see each one clearly. The images can overlap but you must be able to see them in their whole entirety. Simply creating the vision board is not enough. Vision boards are the tangible representation of your thoughts, so if you want to maintain the motivation to keep going, you must see the images of your desires on a daily basis as the visual reminder.

5 steps to a successful vision board party. | Reminder board

Place the vision board somewhere you can see it everyday, it can be at the back of your bedroom door, on your desk at the office, or on your dresser. The secret to the law of attraction is believing and feeling the emotions of actually having everything you ever wanted. The best time of the year to make your wish or vision board is at the end or beginning of the year, or on your birthday.

It is during these times when you are at your natural reflective state. You are usually more open to evaluating your life and creating new plans to head into the right direction of where you want to be. Making them and hanging them on your bedroom wall or office are not enough. You have to practice visualizing these goals each and every day.

When you take a look at the board, take a few seconds each day to close your eyes, breathe in and out, and feel the emotions of actually achieving your goals. Many people question whether or not vision boards work.

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The answer may lie in what they do and what they feel. Here are 4 reasons why your board might fail:. Though you may want many things in life, keeping your board organized and clear is much more effective. Make it as simple as possible so you are focused. As mentioned earlier, place your board where you can see it everyday. Place it where you can see it everyday — plain and simple.

You have to believe that you deserve everything that your heart desires. Eliminate all of your self-doubts and worries, but believe that your desires are actually on their way. Feel that emotion and be ready to receive all of your goals.

These Are Arnold Schwarzenegger's 5 Rules for Success - Goalcast

Any negative thought or the slightest doubt that what you desire is not coming is pushing your goals away. There should only be positive thoughts of faith in your mind and nothing else. Evaluate everything that you want to achieve, be as specific as possible, and believe the images will come, and in no time, everything will start falling into place.

Contents What is a Vision Board?

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Different Kinds of Vision Boards 1. Location is Not Right 3. Plan a personal strategy Highly-successful executives know the value of a personal strategy. This means that they develop a career path plan that will serve to not only propel them up the corporate ladder, but also find ways to differentiate themselves from other professionals. Outlining your goals and creating a solid career strategy is step one in building a successful executive career.

Everyone has different goals, define yours and update it as you move up in your career. Adjust to the things happening in your life, but always plan ans stick with it. Build integrity and credibility People that are successful at executive position levels have credibility and integrity which go hand-in-hand. Being a successful executive requires strong leadership qualities and a high level of credibility.

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You need to be trusted by your team members, your peers, your clients and everyone else. Building credibility within your organization starts the moment you begin your career by exemplifying characteristics like dependability, commitment, and consistency as well as having a proactive and passionate approach to your work. Notice "the minute you begin your career", this means from your 1st job, start building the credibility with everyone in come in contact with.

Your Board’s Goals Are Not Your CEO’s Goals

As your career grows so will others around you. Knowledge and skills are important bu developing and maintaining relationships with the right people is key to your success. Take the opportunity to be mentored, remember behind every great leader or successful business person is a mentor who inspired and guided them. Find a mentor with Integrity and Credibility, learn what and how they do to be successful.

Learn their habits and repeat what they do.

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  6. Get educated You may not need a MBA, after all there are exceptions to every rule - there are a few top executives that do not have a college education at all. When looking at statistics, a large percentage earn post graduate degrees in their field. They know how important and necessary they are in attaining upper level positions. If you look at the smaller percentage of the "no college education" successful executives, they are usually the Founders of their business, possibly one that grew so big that they learned through many mistakes but they never gave up.

    They had the hard earned "street education", some had mentors that helped them. Some of these successful founders, also went out and helped other small businesses do the same and they themselves became the mentors.

    5 Steps to Board Success 5 Steps to Board Success
    5 Steps to Board Success 5 Steps to Board Success
    5 Steps to Board Success 5 Steps to Board Success
    5 Steps to Board Success 5 Steps to Board Success
    5 Steps to Board Success 5 Steps to Board Success
    5 Steps to Board Success 5 Steps to Board Success
    5 Steps to Board Success 5 Steps to Board Success
    5 Steps to Board Success 5 Steps to Board Success
    5 Steps to Board Success 5 Steps to Board Success

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