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That number might be surprisingly high to you, especially considering the commonly-held belief that most businesses fail within the first year. Only about half of small businesses survive passed the five-year mark, ranging from According to CB Insights , which analyzed over businesses' postmortems to determine the primary reason for startup failure, the top five reasons small businesses fail are as follows:. Whether it's a failure in raising funds through investors, crowdfunding, obtaining a business loan or generating your own revenue, not having enough capital may not instantly close the metaphorical or literal doors, but it will at least cause a slow death by way of limiting your marketing, production and every other critical area of your business.

However, competition extends into every space and can be a contributor to a potential business failure no matter industry. Pricing can be difficult in certain industries, especially software and various services, as there are often little to no reference points for how much a company should charge. Read Chad Otar's full executive profile here Visit us: www. Opinions expressed are those of the author. Post written by Chad Otar www. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Forbes Finance Council is an invitation-only organization for executives in successful accounting, financial planning and wealth management firms.

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Chad Otar. Read More. I did fail medical school 1 month ago and I have to repeat the year.

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I failed Anatomy, then Musculoskeletal, and finally Blood block. Right now I'm "pretending" to go to medical school, I put 'pretending' in quotes because I told people I'm only here to figure out what went wrong in the past semester. Because something did go wrong. The admissions committee selected you and me to become physicians 7 years from now for a reason. They saw something in us that piqued their interest and made them think "I want that person to treat me when I get older".

There is one thing that everyone keeps on telling me, and it's something that is super hard to keep in mind, but the medical school thinks you can do this. They believe that you can become a doctor, to go on to residency and specialize in a worthy specialty. Whether or not that specialty is one that you want to be now, it doesn't matter. So even if some doors closed now, it's not over.

You will adapt and make the most out of your life.

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Now I assume you didn't fail yet, and that finals are probably either coming up or you've finished them already. If they are coming up this week, push everything aside. All your worries and doubts and future thinking, and put yourself into this week. Immediately go to your academic adviser or learning specialist and demand a tutor usually second year student to help you out.

If you've never been tutored before like me it's alright. Everyone has their points in life when they need help. Even if you don't think you need a tutor like I did , get one anyways. And don't read the rest of my post. Shut down the computer, unplug the internet, and go study. Ignore all the mental urges to stop, all the emotional turmoil, the stress and anxiety, self doubt and inadequacy. Go study. If you are still reading, that means there are no exams left this semester. If the exam is done with and you think you bombed it, take a deep breath.

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Really, in 1. Out 1. Now think about it. It is not over. The school wants you to be a doctor. Everyone supported and believed in you, at least initially. Go read your personal statement, why did you want to become a doctor? What was your whole reason? What triggered your decision to spend so much money on the MCAT study books, the MCAT exam, primary and secondary applications, travel fees, hotel rates? All the time to study obscure topics like how, exactly, light hits certain types of mirrors?

All the volunteer, shadowing, clinical hours that were put into achieving your goal? Remember your reason and think about it now. You are here. You made it. You are in medical school. Whether one lousy year gets added to your four years of medical school doesn't matter, what's a year between friends anyways? What's a year when at the end you will be a doctor or researcher, if that is your goal anyways?

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A year is nothing. In fact, God life, the universe, fate, medical school has given you an extra year to sort things out. Go talk to your admissions people and demand why they picked you to go through the program. Remember that you are not the only person having to repeat the year in medical school, and admissions have seen it happen many times over the past.

I asked them exactly why I'm here, they told me, and they also said something that I've been keeping in mind since that time. They said that people don't fail medical school for no reason, it is never about intellectual capability.

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Out of the thousands of applicants they deemed you intellectually and emotionally and mentally capable of completing the most rigorous academic challenge that we've ever gone through. They picked you. So the problem is not with your capabilities. It is with something else. And that is why you've been given this extra year.

What if I fail?

It's time to find out what went wrong, where it went wrong, and why it went wrong and it's time to fix things. Remember that in medical school everything you've dealt with in undergrad will be blown up x. That tiny, nagging anxiety you've had before each exam that you could ignore? Now it's a week long burden. That inability to manage time in undergrad? That translates into full blown time vacuums throughout the day. Now it's lots of stress, and procrastination will never let you pass exams now.

Our Fail Year

Now would be the time to learn self discipline. Our mind was not made for that, and it will not handle medical school that way.

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Time to learn. This next semester for you and me is a semester of self-analysis and problem solving. For myself, the problem was those tad anxieties in undergrad. Yes, I would get a little anxious about the future and about studying and maybe even avoid it for a day or so. But now Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

And BAM!

Fail Year Fail Year
Fail Year Fail Year
Fail Year Fail Year
Fail Year Fail Year
Fail Year Fail Year

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