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I also liked him because he always has the strength to face all the problems he has. The story changed my way of thinking because I started giving more value to the things I have and to the great education I get every day. The author has a close observation of every single thing and that contributed heavily to his writing.

Great Expectations 2012. Harêm Khaleel

Most of his characters seem to be a bit exaggerated and outlandish and some others, quite common. Charles Dickens did a great job, because Great Expectations also shows the social changes at that time and the way people used to live too! I liked the story a lot, because it is very nice, and because I could learn lots of things as I had expected to, such as always having the strength to face our problems.

I think everybody should read this story because it is very interesting and it changes the way everybody is used to thinking.

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What is more, it can broaden your knowledge about the lifestyle people used to have some years ago! Celebrate Shakespeare! Wells Oscar Wilde.

Adapted by Gale Childs Daly

Pip, like Dickens himself, dreams of becoming a gentleman. However, during the course of the novel Pip comes to realize that there is more to life than wealth and station. Pip is raised by his sister and her husband, Joe.

Joe is an honest, hard-working man. As Pip ascends in society he is embarrassed by Joe and his simple ways. Initially Pip is horrified to learn that his benefactor is not Miss Havisham, but instead Magwitch the convict. At the end of the story Pip has different feelings toward Magwitch.

Great Expectations

He is very fond of him and is at his side when he dies. Magwitch himself experiences how highly society values the appearance of gentility. Here Magwitch describes how differently he and his partner in crime, the supposed gentleman Compeyson, are treated during their trial:. Another theme that runs through Great Expectations , as it does through Our Mutual Friend , is the ease with which wealth can corrupt people. Pip describes his spending habits:.

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We spent as much money as we could, and got as little for it as people could make up their minds to give us. We were always more or less miserable, and most of our acquaintance were in the same condition. There was a gay fiction among us that we were constantly enjoying ourselves, and a skeleton truth that we never did. To the best of my belief, our case was in the last aspect a rather common one.

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In the end Pip, like Estella, has undergone some serious interior transformations. Estella states:.

I have been bent and broken, but — I hope — into a better shape. Collection of Quotations from Great Expectations. Pip waits on Miss Havisham. Miss Havisham with Estella and Pip. Joe learning to read, image by John McLenan. Magwitch and young Pip.

Great Expectations Great Expectations
Great Expectations Great Expectations
Great Expectations Great Expectations
Great Expectations Great Expectations
Great Expectations Great Expectations
Great Expectations Great Expectations
Great Expectations Great Expectations

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