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This strength is present throughout their second album, Morningrise , and leads to a very enjoyable experience.

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The biggest accomplishment of Morningrise is the atmosphere, which is noticeable almost right off the bat of the first track, Advent. This is not a fist-pumping album that one brings to the gym. There is a darkness that permeates the sound of the music, as well as a sense of cautious exploration and fear at times. Maintaining this feeling throughout almost the entire massive 66 minute run-time not including the bonus track is downright impressive.

Morningrise (LP)

There is a mist that seems to fall over the album, silhouetting the more aggressive sections which could have ruined this atmosphere in the hands of a lesser band. One might think that, with the dark and mysterious feeling the album creates, grimy production would only increase the mystique. Unfortunately, the opposite happens. The dynamic contrast between the acoustic sections and the metal sections of their songs becomes somewhat lost at times.

Some bands can get away with, or even shine with, a dirtier-than-usual production, but all this does for Opeth is obscure their amazing talent. The musicianship of all band members shine throughout Morningrise. It is one thing to shred out a solo, but it is another thing entirely invoke an exact emotional response by wavering on a single note for just a moment longer than expected.

Opeth succeeds triumphantly, from the first note to the last, at conveying their intention and feel through their playing. The actual song-writing, however, does not always pull its weight.


Some of the acoustic sections tend to meander. They have some items that are RSD exclusives - very limited quantities, never will be more pressed, and only available at brick and mortar stores starting on RSD and subject to all RSD rules. Others are RSD releases that will be made available later via other sources - Mad Season's "Above" is a perfect example - one of the most anticipated RSD releases at least in America , but a couple weeks from now you'll be able to buy it from Amazon the exact same record , and the Music on Vinyl version is already available, too mine's on order.

More to the point, this is a gorgeous album - an Opeth classic, on limited edition colored g vinyl. It looks and sounds fantastic - highly recommended RSD is pretty damn cool, too, and the people who run it can't stop some companies from riding its coattails by releasing things on RSD as special editions in honor of the "real" RSD - nor should they.

Morningrise T-Shirt | Valhalla merch

Cheers, and buy this reissue before it's too late - it's available for reasonable prices right now; that probably won't last long Add all to Wantlist Remove all from Wantlist. Have: Want: Avg Rating: 4. METAL by jean Cover Locations by ksdfjsldfj. Death Metal by king. Top Heavy Metal Albums by piotrblaczkowski Extra copys by trademyvinyls.

Opeth - Morningrise [VINYL] [LTD]

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album: "Morningrise" (1996)

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