Prowleryns 2: Kane’s Courtship

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For sixteen years the powerful Soothsayer has served an evil master, trapped by the power of a spell whose very use has exiled him from his own people. Free at last, he seeks the only solace his tortured soul has ever known — the love of a woman he can never have. Invisible to uninvited humans, Hot River winds its way through the supernatural world, straight through the lands of good magic and into the Wicked Wild where the evil and enticing dwell.

Sixty-Nine Sadie: Only a certain type of woman can release Hugo from his curse and he has spent ages looking for her. It seems his chance for freedom is over, until Sadie arrives with the power to set him free in every way. Second Chance Charity: Shane makes Charity question everything she thinks she knows about men — and sex. The man of her dreams has found her, but is their love strong enough to cross the boundary between water and land? Sugar Plums: A sulky frost giant stumbles upon a powerful, lonely and surprisingly passionate winter icon and they learn just how enchanting the holiday season can be.

Stranded on a desert road, Adrian meets a sexy biker who offers him a ride in more ways than one. She must find a way to bring about peace, or see both Kaelen and Jay destroyed!

Review of Prowleryns: Eber’s Angel by Kate Hill

The only man who can save her is the one she considers her worst enemy — Damon Tinta. In a time before recorded history, some with otherworldly powers mastered a spell that guided destined mates to each other. Though few can now wield this ancient power, some masters of the art still exist. Those bound by mate marks cannot resist their magical pull, but the marks can only bind souls that are meant to be joined.

Seducing stubborn yet beautiful Chantel will challenge a shapeshifting cat in more ways than he realizes, especially when their lives depend on his prowess as a warrior. After years of loneliness,Arias Del Rio has finally found his destined mate, but an enemy from his past has returned and intends to destroy everything Arias loves, beginning with Malika.

Teena has found the proof that lizard people exist, but should she risk their lives by reporting her discovery? Is her love and lust for the gorgeous, golden Flick more powerful than her quest for credibility in her field? Marc arouses yet haunts Amina, but when he reveals their timeless bond, will she accept his confession or deny a love that has burned for over two thousand years? Her love might be his only cure. Half-human and half-demon, Brody has spent his life fighting against his evil birthright. When everyone close to him, especially his destined mate Madison, is targeted by eight generations of Blazewood demons, the only way to fight evil is with evil.

On the planet Shandra, a traditional marriage includes one woman and two men. Three Earth women find lust and love with their sexy alien mates. When Radiance, a merchant from Earth, crashes on the planet Shandra, she is taken into slavery and bought as a gift for Darkrock and Strongsea. Security Chief Blackstare and his aide, Rocksurf, have been lovers since their training days. Little did they imagine it would take a willful Earth woman like Finesse to change their lives forever. On a diplomatic mission to the planet Shandra, ambassador Passion is abducted by thieves.

She is rescued by two rugged warriors, Timber and Red, who claim that she owes them a sacred debt for saving her life. If she refuses to mate with them, the Shand will consider it an insult to their people. In spite of her anger about a forced marriage, Passion finds that sacrificing herself for her planet might not be as bad as she thought. He has spent most of his life hating humans.

He never dreamed a human could stir his lust or touch his heart, but Drew does the impossible.

Prowleryns 2: Kane’s Courtship
Prowleryns 2: Kane’s Courtship
Prowleryns 2: Kane’s Courtship
Prowleryns 2: Kane’s Courtship
Prowleryns 2: Kane’s Courtship
Prowleryns 2: Kane’s Courtship
Prowleryns 2: Kane’s Courtship
Prowleryns 2: Kane’s Courtship

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